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Environment´s information

As tourist place to highlight from the environment, we highlight the Natural Park of Calares of the river Mundo and of the Sima. The geological, landscape and of biodiversity heritage, make it unique. Besides the mouflons and goats, there are vegetable species that run away from Europe at the beginning of the glaciations, and that nowadays only grow up here. Its karstic landscape takes in 960 dolinas. In its forest there is a mixture of yews, ashes, willows and elms between pines and oaks. There are also royal eagles and vultures. Interesting spots in the Park: the set of “The cave of the streams”, and the landscapes of Calar del Mundo, Calar de En Medio, Chorros del río Mundo, Poljé de la Cañada de los Mojones, Mountain Chain Cujón and Calar de la Sima. And we also find in the park the church of the Saint Spirit, the beautiful locality of Riópar and its Museum of the Royal Factories of San Juan de Alcaraz.

Likewise, on the North, we recommend to visit the cinephile-touristic route of the film “Amanece, que no es poco” shot in Ayna, Liétor and Molinico.

Elche de la Sierra

We are in the biggest village of the Mountain Chain Segura, both in extension as in population. It is for that it is the centre of the economic and commercial life of the area. Its streets are the ideal settlement so during the parties of September you can prove why its inhbitants are proud of this population called as “the cot of the run”. As it is said from the Town Hall, the “walk by the sumptuous sketch of the streets of the historical centre lets passing next to nice facades of old models and architectural styles, being the main monument of the Church of St Quiteria, of the end of the XVIII century, with two towers. On the southeast of the urban core is the Park la Concordia. Next, in the yard of the School of the crucified Christ, the millenary holm oak “la Carrasca” that is 4.60 m and more than 700 years old. Not very far away is the raft of Pilar, water pond for watering, with fishes and four pipes.


Elche de la Sierra has very beautiful landscapes, especially those which are next t o the river Segura, being advisable:Puente Gallego, la Longuera, El Almazarán, Barranco Andrés… places where you can watch the zigzag of the water to get lost between the hills. In the place known as El Mojín it is said that it was buried the general Amílcar Barca.


Elche de la Sierra
Parque de la Concordia, Balsa del Pilar, Lavadero Municipal, Casa de la Cultura, Iglesia Santa Quiteria, Carrasca del colegio
Paraje Natural Sierra de San Blas
A 3 km de Elche de la Sierra se accede por la carretera de Villares, su subida es un reto para escaladores, por sus paredes rocosas empinadas. Pero también podemos subir con más facilidad por detrás, ...
Paraje Natural El Gallego
Es un bello paraje natural por donde pasa el río Segura, donde se pueden realizar diversas actividades como la pesca, baño y paseos por la orilla del río, por donde puedes llegar a el Almazarán.


Festival Helike Rock
En Elche de la Sierra, 15 de agosto
Cargado de grandes actuaciones y actividades se presenta una nueva edición del Festival Helike Rock, un buen festival de música alternativa.
Fiestas Patronales de Yeste
En Yeste, del 22 al 26 de agosto
Encierros, verbenas, peñas, teatro y música, y sobre todo, buen ambiente reinan durante estos días en la localidad. Si por algo son conocidas las fiestas de Yeste es por su Romería y Llano Majano.
Fiestas Patronales de Riopar
En Riópar, del 26 al 30 de agosto
Durante las fiestas patronales, tienen lugar en Riópar unos afamados encierros taurinos.

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